Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Muslim's YOGA

The Muslim prayer hs 5 psitions tht relatd 2 ths so-calld YOGA=)
Well,thy all hv a crrspndg rltionshp wth our spiritual n mntal well being,accrdg 2 mdrn scntfc rsrch..Let's hv a look!
1. The QIYYAM n TAKBIR - Imprve posture,balance n self-awareness.
- Normalizes blood pressure,breathing thus provdg mny bnfts 2 ATHMA patients.
Placemnt of hnds on the chest - Actvtes the nrve pathway whch drects our awarenss of slf in the wrld n cntrls the health of the muscular systm,skin,intstnes,liver,pncreas, gall bldder n eyes
When the hnds r hld open 4 du'a - Actvtes the heart whch is the cnter of love feelngs,hrmny n peace plus 2 cntrl love n compassion.
- Governs the health of the heart,lungs,thymus,immune n crculatory systms.
2. Recitng the QURAN - Old thoughts,feelngs,fears n guilt r released n healed.
- Blood pressure n stress lvel r rduced.
- Vibrations mde whn pronouncing the long vowels,'A','E' n 'U' stimulated the heart,pituitary n adrenal glands.
3. The SUJUD - Actvtes the person's sprtual cnnctions wth the univrse arnd them n their enthusiasm 4 sprtual pursuits.
- Correlates to the health of the brain,nrvous systm n pineal glnd
- Contrls bsic hman srvival instncts n prvdes essntial groundg 2 dvlop levlheaded n pstve thngkng along wth a hghly mtvated view of life, n maintns the health of the lymph n skeletal systms.
4. Al-Qaadah - Firms the toes,knees,thghs n legs. Good 4 those prone 2 excssve sleep n those who like 2 kp long hours.
- Assts in speedy dgstion,aids the dtoxcification of the liver n stimulates peristaltic action in the lrge intstne.
5. The SALAM - Imprves indvidual creativity n cmmnication.

Last, bt nt least JGN TGGLKN SOLAT($$,)

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